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About me

My experience in Fashion Design started even before going to Fashion school, because I grew up in a home where clothes were a form of art and expression. When I turned 17, my mother gave me a sewing machine and a pattern book. I could not draft any of those patterns, but pretty quickly I learned now to rework clothes I already owned.


By the time I was a senior and had to decide which college to attend, I was conflicted. Fashion had already become the polluting and harmful industry we know and I did not want to be part of that system. So, I opted for Architecture, which I did regret later.


In 2013 - when the Rana Plaza factory collapsed - I was approved in Fashion Design school. I was happy to be in fashion, I just did not know how not to be part of that system.


By that time my sister was approved in Marketing school, she suggested we created a brand. It was all figured out, the only problem was production price. But that was obvious for me: there was this super cheap thrift store in front of my school. The idea was to rework thrift clothing.

A week after that, my sister, as a good advertiser, presented the research about sustainable fashion. It was the first time I realized I was an upcycler and, by reworking all that vintage stuff, I would save a bunch of textile waste from the landfill. We did not succeed on the brand attempt, but it changed my perspective about my work. 


My whole course in fashion school was towards sustainability, I joined the Fashion Revolution team in Rio de Janeiro, worked for one of the greatest brazilian upcycling designers and for other sustainable projects, until I moved to the U.S and started working on my own project.I can only thank the fact that we once were that group of broke ambitious students trying to build something fresh.